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Construction Accidents

Construction Accidents

Compensation After a Worksite Accident

If you were injured while working at a construction, demolition, or other type of worksite, you may be entitled to money for your injuries and economic losses, including your medical bills and lost earnings.  Law Office of James Trainor, P.C. can take over your problems while you recover from your injuries, and help you receive just payment for your medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and related losses.

Our firm’s personal injury lawyer in Brooklyn has unparalleled experience helping clients recover the money they need to help return them, as much as possible, to the life they enjoyed before they were harmed by someone else’s irresponsibility. If someone else’s carelessness hurt you while you were practicing your trade, we can help. You can count on our experience and devotion to get you what you deserve.

Types of Construction Site Accidents

A wide range of accidents can occur at worksites involving construction, demolition, or heavy labor.  To discover who is truly at fault for the accident, why, and how, you need a seasoned attorney willing to get his hands dirty to make your case against the right parties.

Negligence is invariably the root cause of many types of devastating worksite accidents, including accidents involving:

  • Falls from ladders, roofs, or ledges
  • Falls from scaffolding
  • Impacts from falling objects
  • Lack of proper safety equipment
  • Unsafe tools or machinery
  • Trips, slips, and falls on work debris
  • Inadequate workspace lighting
  • Negligence of general contractors or other trades
  • Violations of Federal O.S.H.A and New York State labor law regulations

Were your injuries the result of negligence?

At the Law Office of James Trainor, P.C., we offer personalized legal representation to ensure that you are adequately protected.  Even though your trade may, by its nature, carry a higher risk of injury than other trades, the right lawyer can still make irresponsible persons pay for your harms and losses.

If you were hurt at a worksite, your first step should be to contact our firm. We can discuss the facts with you and determine how we can help.