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Faulty Elevators & Escalators

Faulty Elevators & Escalators

Has a Faulty Elevator, Escalator, or Moving Walkway Injured You?

Under New York law, property owners must maintain passenger elevators, escalators, and motorized walkways inside their premises in a safe condition.  Depending on the type of building, building owners may be required to hire specially licensed maintenance firms to service their people-moving-devices once a month and otherwise as needed.  Because malfunctioning elevators, escalators, and moving walkways put the public at risk for catastrophic injuries and death, New York State and City have enacted special laws requiring building owners and maintenance firms to inspect, service, and repair people-moving-devices regularly and to keep detailed records of such services.

Our experience with people-moving-device cases and our work with impeccably qualified experts in the field has made clear the multifaceted ways in which neglected elevators, escalators, and moving walkways can break bones, rip tissues, and destroy lives, including:


  • Doors fail to automatically retract while a patron enters or exits the cabin
  • Doors open without the cabin having reached the floor
  • Cabin mislevels with the floor
  • Cabin abruptly stops or drops
  • Automatic stop devices malfunction


  • Gaps between steps and sidewalls
  • Sudden stops, starts, and/or jerks
  • Uneven risers and steps
  • Direction reversals
  • Improper spacing between landing comb teeth and step grooves

Moving Walkways

  • Movement at unsafe speeds
  • Lack of traction at the landing
  • Sudden stops, starts, and/or jerks
  • Inadequate clearance between railings
  • Oil and/or grease on the floor surface

If you have been injured while moving or attempting to move by elevator, escalator, or mechanical walkway, you will want an attorney who knows where to look, who to ask, and what other materials to seek to determine both the negligent conduct and mechanical cause of your accident.  That’s where Law Office of James Trainor P.C. enters the picture.  We litigate these cases, have the requisite experts on call, and can help you pursue maximum recovery against the responsible property owner and maintenance company.

You deserve our thorough efforts to recover full compensation. Schedule a free case evaluation right away.