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Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice

Do you suspect that you have been injured, suffered avoidable medical complications, or that a loved one has died because of the wrongdoing of a physician, hospital, or other medical facility?  If so, our firm, in conjunction with medical experts, will examine the complicated medical records and facts relating to your case and file a medical malpractice lawsuit where warranted.

When we visit our healthcare providers on an emergent or elective basis, we expect to be helped, not harmed  At our firm, we understand that when something goes wrong, you are likely feeling overwhelmed and unsure of the road ahead.  While you recover or come to terms with the suspicious death of a loved one, we take over your problems and determine whether a doctor, nurse, or other hospital staff failed to honor modern standards of medical care.  A doctor, hospital, or medical facility that departs from proper medical practice in treating you or a family member should be held accountable for all of the harms such medical negligence occasions, including pain, suffering, medical expenses, lost wages and, in the case of a deceased love one, the loss of support and guidance.

At the Law Office of James Trainor, P.C., our medical malpractice team draws on its extensive experience in litigating medical negligence cases to provide  powerful representation to clients.  Rely on our firm’s vast legal and medical resources to help you prevail in the extremely complicated field of medical malpractice law.

Forms of Medical Malpractice

Common forms of medical malpractice that we handle include, but are not limited to:

  • Surgical errors
  • Delayed diagnoses of cancer
  • Misread X-ray, MRI, CT-Scan, or other diagnostic films
  • Negligent laser surgery
  • Prescription medication errors and omissions
  • Contraindicated treatments
  • Failure to refer patients to proper specialists
  • Performance of an operation or procedure without first apprising the patient of the risks, benefits, and alternatives so that the patient can make an informed decision of whether to undergo the procedure
  • Misleading patients about the cause of a bad outcome

If you have concerns that a medical professional or facility has subjected you or a family member to medical malpractice, it is vital that you to contact our firm at your earliest convenience.  Medical malpractice claims can be very complicated and always require an experienced lawyer to be prosecuted correctly.  We have the legal skills that can help you secure repayment for your harms and injuries.

Pursuing Your Medical Malpractice Claims

We can help you prove your claims of medical malpractice.  Generally, you will need to demonstrate what the applicable standard of medical care was and that the medical practitioner departed from good and accepted medical practice.  You will also have to show that the provider’s malpractice actually caused the injuries, medical complications, and/or death for which you seek compensation.  Discuss your situation with us today at absolutely no charge!