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At Law Office of James Trainor, P.C., we represent people who have suffered serious bodily injuries, the premature loss of a loved one, and the concomitant financial harm caused by the carelessness of others.  We represent individuals in all areas of personal injury law, including premises accidents, motor vehicle collisions, pedestrian knockdowns, worksite and construction calamities, products liability, and medical malpractice and nursing home negligence.

When a client is unexpectedly felled by an injury, or crippled with grief by the needless death of a loved one, we intelligently and unrelentingly pursue her entitlement to maximum money compensation that will help alleviate the suffering.  Our experience has furnished us with a deep understanding of the many unobservable harms and life interruptions that injuries visit upon our clients.  We hear how our clients live with physical pain and discomfort long after the accident and medical treatments have concluded; how clients boil-over with frustration, anger, and stress over having to avoid tasks as routine as opening a door, walking up stairs, or tying shoelaces; how once independant people must rely on their families and friends for help; how wages and employment opportunities are lost, and business relationships damaged, by the disabling effects of injuries; and how medical expenses can cripple a family financially.

If you have been in an accident or endured the wrongful death of a family member, it is crucial that you choose a law firm with superior academic credentials, experience, and a proven track record.  Insurance companies pay lawyers to work against injured plaintiffs’ interests and to paint plaintiffs as dishonest exaggerators who are trying to “game” the system.   Insurance companies use stall tactics and try to prolong by years the legal process in the hope that injured plaintiffs will tire, give up, and accept far less than fair recovery for their harms.  At Law Office of James Trainor, P.C., we emphasize pushing our clients’ cases forward while vigorously preparing the case each step of the way to trial.  In short, we drag insurance companies to the courthouse steps and make them settle claims for 100 cents on the dollar or face a judge and jury at trial.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident or as a result of medical or nursing home treatment that you suspect was improper, call us for a free consultation at (212) 392-4957.  We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.